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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Articles On Stress: Stress Affects The Body And Best Ways To Relieve Stress

We will perform better with short-term stress. However, if the stress becomes chronic, it can affect us in various adverse ways. Both in body and mind. When this chronic stress results in a burnout, the consequences are very significant.

articles on stress: stress affects the body and best ways to relieve stress

How Does Stress Affect The Body?

But stress does more. It also causes our body to make extra cortisol. This hormone prevents the extra (nor) adrenaline from exiting our body, causing the brain to absorb more sugar. With this sugar, the energy supply can be supplemented. Again, this situation should not take too long. Because in chronic stress, too much cortisol gets into the blood and affects our hormone condition. For example, our brains are less sensitive to the dopamine and serotinic lymphomas.

Too much cortisol affects the immune system and damages the hippocampus. This is the brain zone that drives emotions and memory. A prolonged production of extra cortisol (due to chronic stress) is so quite funest. Symptoms like insomnia, physical complaints and forgetfulness occur sooner.

articles on stress: stress affects the body and best ways to relieve stress

The difference between short-term stress, chronic stress and a burnout

Stress activates the amygdala, a small brain part at the left and right sleep. The amygdala is a type of alarm bell, which brings the body into stress in a state of readiness. In the case of overactive amygdala, our adrenal glands add additional hormones: adrenaline and noradrenaline. This translates into increased heart rate and faster breathing. In case of short-term stress this can not be harmful. On the contrary, these additional hormones keep us sharp, which usually makes us better.

In chronic stress, it becomes a completely different story. From prolonged stress we put ourselves out and can change the structure and functioning of the brain. The longer it takes, the harder we can turn the tide. Research shows that the part of the brain that promotes routine action is getting bigger. At the same time, the zones that drive innovative behavior are shrinking. This can lead to the stressed person becoming less inventive (and solution-oriented) and losing himself in automations. He or she continues to persevere in the behavior that has caused the stress and thus increases the risk of burnout.

A burn-out occurs especially in people who ignore the immune system warnings and continue to suffer. In case of excessive stress, our immune system produces signal substances that stimulate the brain to fatigue. If the stress lasts too long, fatigue will also take longer and waiting for the first signs of fatigue.

Best Ways To Relieve Stress: How To Control Stress?

articles on stress: stress affects the body and best ways to relieve stress

Healing can only be avoided by stopping stress and taking a lot of rest. And by setting less high demands on yourself. In that case, the number of stress hormones decreases automatically. Sometimes, however, the damage can not be repaired and fatigue, concentration problems and forgetfulness remain.

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