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Sunday, April 9, 2017

How to Prevent and Treat Sunburn

Has become a risk for anyone living in tropical countries like Indonesia to be exposed to the sun every day. Especially for those who are always running outdoor activities. Sunburning already not a foreign thing for them. Sunburning not only makes the skin sting turns into darker, but more than that, stung by the sun can make the skin burn. Sunburned skin will usually feel sore because there is a wound, then this article will explain how to prevent and treat

How to Prevent Skin Sunburn

Avoid to leave the room at 11 noon to 3pm. Between these times is the moment where the sun shines so bright.

If forced to leave the room at the time, wear clothes that can protect the body from the sun. Do not wear dark clothing because dark-colored clothing is a medium that can absorb heat quickly and will make the body become stifling. Choose clothes with a material that can absorb sweat and heat, such as cotton. To protect the face, can use face masks, hats or umbrellas.

Use sunblock or sunscreen. The use sunblock to prevent skin from the burning rays of the sun. Choose products that have SPF sunblock according to area of residence. For example, those who live in the tropics, can choose a sunblock with an SPF product was namely 15-20.

Precautions are not forever be effective if it is not done with the maximum or because there are other factors that lead to the failure of the preventive measures. If you already take precautions so that the skin does not sunburn but it turns out the skin was still burning, do not worry because there are several ways to treat skin sunburn include:

Sunburned skin will usually feel hot and sore. Early action that can be done if the skin sunburn is to dip a cloth in cold water or ice. Then the fabric is applied to the skin burned. Do not attach cold water or ice directly to the skin burned by the sun because it will only worsen the burn.

There is a natural treatment that can be done to treat sunburned skin, with aloe vera. Aloe vera has long been known as a plant that many nutritious. To treat sunburned skin with aloe vera, how to divide his tongue then apply the gel on the burned skin. Aloe vera gel has a function as a substitute for cold compress because it has properties and contains licodaine capable of reducing pain in burned skin.

Sunburned skin will later flaking. The peeling skin is the outermost layer of skin. In this period is a period of healing. At the moment the skin begins to peel, wash the skin area with a wet cloth pressed to lift the dead skin peeling. Can also use lotion to soften the skin. Choose a lotion containing a light that does not cause irritation to the skin. 

Avoid skin sunburn from the sun back. If the wound and shock still whole solar rays back, the healing process will take longer.

That`s how to prevent and treat skin sunburn. Its application is not too complicated to do. May be beneficial for you.

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