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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Andrea Dian caused by Clean Healthy Eating

Whenever Andrea Dian appear, either in FTV, movies, or any impressions, we sure would not blink your eyes looking at her charms.

Not just a pretty face that implies the beauty of Indonesian specialties, you will also find a beautiful body that looks well groomed. Behind that beautiful body, hidden "sacrifice" without child.

In addition to routine practice, Andrea also "desperately" accustom himself to eat a diet with discipline. "I've tried a variety of methods of diet, from easiest to hardest. Once upon a time I tried to implement the Military Diet recommends eating only fruits, such as apples or grapes. As a result, instead of plus skinny, I actually ulcer hahaha "he recalls.

He also admitted to applying Mayo Diet, but it did not last long because it does not fit with the activities that were spent on the set and exercise.

"Finally, I chose the method of eating clean. Apparently, this method is suitable to me. Not too difficult, but quite effectively keep the body ideal, with offset enough exercise, "he said.

Eating clean method allows Andrea still run the routine of exercise to remain powered. "The methods of diet that allows me to consume any kind of food, with emphasis on food derived from natural ingredients, not processed," he explained.

"More specifically, for the menu morning or breakfast, I like to eat granola, eggs, and whole wheat bread; noon to eat anything, and avoid carbs at night. Lately, I also implement free diet glutein" he said closing the conversation.

Seeing Andrea maintaining healthy passion inspires us to do the same thing - he looked down at our bellies were undaunted.

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