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Friday, March 10, 2017

What Is Skip challenge or pass out challenge


what is skip challenge or pass out challenge?

Skip challenge or pass out challenge later became viral on social media and known to endanger the lives of those who do.

Here are some facts behind the emergence of challenges which are also called the choking game:

1. Trends in the UK since 2005

Daily the Independent called the choking game phenomenon has appeared since 2005 in the UK, after causing a number of deaths.

In the challenge, participants must be pressed his chest as hard as possible for some time. As a result of the pressure of oxygen supply to the brain is reduced and this condition led to a loss of consciousness and death.

One of the victims died was Karnel Haughton origin Birmingham, on June 1, 2016 last. The family claimed Karnel died of suffocation, and believes this is because the choking game. They do not believe the son of a deliberate attempt to commit suicide.

2. Being the trend for the Internet

Just as "ice bucket challenge" and other games on the internet, choking game is also popular because of the internet.

"The internet did one of them is legalizing behaviors unsafe and unhealthy," says British psychologist Emma Citron.

3. Do even by bright young

Charities in the United States revealed this challenge usually do young people aged 9-16 years is the average intelligent and accomplished, not those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs.

In 2016, they estimated that approximately 250-1000 children die in the US due to choking game play challenges.

4. Challenges do because they want jajal courage

Citron said the teenager, skip regarded as a challenge to try a game of courage or dare game.

"They looked at as a dare game. I do not think they feel it is self-inflicted, they are simply not mature enough to realize how very dangerous game," he said.

"Here there is a competitive element - how can I dare to? How much can I do?" Citron continued.

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