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Friday, March 10, 2017

Warning! Skip Challenge is Dangereous

Skip Challenge which is loved by teenagers Instagram users should be discontinued.
If there is a player in a game that fainting or even death, is very definitely not worth playing. Moreover, to be viral, even until the assumption has not been cool if you do not play Skip Challenge.

"When you get there is the unconscious, the sign is dangerous. Let's not be explained, if the condition is such that (a result of playing Skip Challenge), meaning it is not really his game," said Specialist Doctors and Vascular Consultants Harapan Kita Hospital, Ariesca Ann Soenarto.

Long before popular in Indonesia, a game that requires the player to press the opponent's chest as hard for a few seconds, the first boom in Western countries.

The same incident exactly was going on there. Many parents are afraid their children died in vain for his involvement in the game Skip Game Challenge or Chooking or Pass out this Challenge.

"I can only say and urged more caution in playing the game Skip this Challenge," he said.

"So, if the chest is pressed as hard, at the back there was no large blood vessels that come under pressure as well. So the blood flow to the brain does not exist, consequently fainted. So, this game is really dangerous," said Ariesca added.

Due to reduced blood supply to the brain, further Ariesca, Skip players Challenge not only fainted. They also can spasms that lead to death.

Ariesca did not know about the phenomenon Skip Challenge. However, once explained how to play, Ariesca even appealed to the inventor of the game Skip this Challenge is "captured".

"Who the hell is that finding the game Skip Challenge? Deal with doctors before making a game, let alone to seizures and some died. That finding Challenge Skip it must be held," he growled.

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