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Friday, March 3, 2017

Olivia July Diet Experience

I read this story from a social media, from my friend, Olivia July. So I wanna share it.

No, diet and exercise go together like a hand and glove. I say weight loss is 80% diet to 20% exercise. Changing the way you eat is crucial. When I was at my heaviest, my diet consisted of:
  1. Fried chicken, fish, pork chops, French fries--I fried everything.
Every Friday night we had fried fish, fries and mounds of coleslaw with artificial fruit punch or lemonade. I LIVED on the Minute Maid juices.
  1. Double Whoppers with extra cheese and extra mayo.
  2. Half of bars of cakes.
  3. Macaroni and cheese with heavy cream, butter and plenty of salt.
  4. Mashed potatoes with heavy cream and butter.
  5. Tubs of ice cream. Tubs.
  6. Candy bars, cookies, doughnuts, cupcakes--if it was sugar, I inhaled it.
  7. I gorged on holiday food.
And it showed. It took me a long time not to cry when I looked back on old pictures. Although I didn't feel fat, I was dangerously obese.
I couldn't breathe at night without a CPap. I almost died.
Then my entire life changed and I was forced to confront all of the issues and baggage I've carried with me from childhood.
Two rapes
Physical and emotional abuse
Everything that I used food as a shield for.
The first thing I cut out was sugar. It was HARD. Then went the junk food, fast food, pastas, rice and potatoes.
I swapped cream for skim milk. I increased my fiber intake. Oatmeal replaced eggs with cheese with sides of bacon, ham and sausage.
And I got down with the workouts.
Despite what some misguided people think, ((Black women DO workout!))
It took a long time to take off the weight but I'm almost done.
I look at my before and after pics and am completely blown away.
Here I am at 297 lbs. I don't recognize myself in this picture.
And this is me now:
What a difference time makes… : )

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