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Thursday, March 16, 2017

How To Find Woman's G-Spot

Grafenberg spot or point G-Spot is a sensitive area located in the vagina among women behind the pubic bone and the cervix.

Point G-spot is also known as the most sensitive area of ​​women, stimulating these areas will make a woman orgasm fast. And because it is through articles this time we will discuss how to find the G-spot female point.

Feminine area was first introduced by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg in his book The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality, published in 1980. Dr. Grafenberg was the first doctor who claimed that a woman will experience orgasm when G-Spot area are stimulated intensively.

Kind of orgasm that arise because the stimulus is called vaginal orgasm or g-spot orgasm, its features are women who experience orgasm g-spot will ejects fluid from the urethra her, like a man who squirted semen during ejaculation, but the type of discharge different. This event is also called Female Ejaculation or Squirt.

The existence of the G-spot point is sometimes a mystery and too many people, especially the debate about the exact location of the point of the G-spot. Many men are trying to locate this point but always failed, not only failed to find it, but it also failed to stimulate her so that her partner does not go to get an orgasm.

3 Essential Steps Before Stimulating the G-spot area Women

In order for your wife to get a vaginal orgasm you need to consider several things for example foreplay first and most important thing is not too eager to find a point of the g-spot. The main mistake most men when having sex is always trying to make her reach orgasm and forget other important things like foreplay.

Here are some steps you can do to bring your partner reaches orgasm before trying to find the point of the G-spot.

  1. Give comfort to your wife. Tough woman aroused when in distress situations therefore take note of the situation, the atmosphere of the room and tranquility.
  2. Communication shall be with his wife. Tell me how sexy he is and how you turned against him. Fill your mind with sexual fantasies that excited him. Do not forget foreplay. Unlike men who can be directly stimulated in five seconds, women need to be stimulated more time to prepare his body accept sex.
  3. After you enough foreplay or heating, then it was time now you can explore the area using your fingers or sex toys there.

How Stimulating Point G-spot

Explore the G-spot can be done in several ways. You can use your fingers, using sex aids or can also use your penis through penetrative. Choose which one you like the most.

If you are using a finger or a sex tool then make sure the finger and the device sterile and clean, the nails should be cut to prevent blisters on the inside of the vagina.

Here are two ways to explore the G-spot female point with your fingers and penis:

  1. Fingers

Finding the G-spot female point using a finger is easier and generally the way it always manages to make a woman orgasm
How, enter the ring finger and your middle finger into the vagina with your palms facing upwards. Regional G-spot is located about two inches at the top of the vagina, on the point of doing a circular motion on your finger, you will feel something like a small ball.

At that time, women generally will feel an incredible sensation followed by feeling the urge to urinate. Many women who are not accustomed to the sensation and withdrew in shame his urine will come out.

Therefore, you need to calm him and suggest that feelings are normal and do not need to be detained. Ask her to let go and feel the incredible orgasm.

To add to the thrill, while performing circular finger movements in the area of ​​G-spot, use your little finger to stimulate the female perineal area. Perineum lies between the vagina and anus. Swipe perineumnya using your pinkie finger while you explore the G-spot.

Or if you are using the index finger and middle finger point stimulate the G-spot, then you can give your wife another sensation by giving a stimulus to the clitoris area using your thumb. 

Look at pictures of how to find and stimulate the G-spot female point above. Visible index finger while stimulating points Gspot thumb explore clitoral area.

     2. Penis

Somewhat difficult to stimulate point G-spot using a penis because besides hard to find generally men can not control themselves much longer time to have penetrative sex. If you want to give to his wife using a vaginal orgasm the penis so that must be considered is the position or style of sex

Better to use the woman on top of the man in this position because women are more able to control the depth and direction of thrust of the penis. Generally, women who have been accustomed to orgasm can easily stimulate the g-spot yourself using woman on top position.

In general, women will get orgasm if his body is ready to receive sexual stimulation you provide psychological and sexual inhibitions nothing happened. Another factor that is to be healthy, so it does not matter in the sexual organs while trying to find a point G-Spot woman.

It is difficult to find the first point of the g-spot of women and therefore must always be repeated, watching the reaction of the wife. Once you get used to it will be easier to explore and stimulate it.

Use fingers, sex toys and your own penis to stimulate the area until your wife to experience vaginal orgasm. Similarly, brief information about how to find and stimulate the G-spot female point, may be useful.

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