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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Getting to know the Small Acne Causes and How to Treat it

Getting to know the Small Acne Causes and How to Treat It

Small pimple is a type of acne that is very disturbing. Because the acne is more often appear on the cheeks and forehead even cause pains when touched and cause itching in sektar skin with acne.

 Small acne including acne potentially large scars and holes. Moreover, if touched with hands and nails. Most acne sufferers often experience problems blackheads. Then blackheads develop into pimples if push is usually a small grain of sand resemble and smell like rotting fat.

There are some things we need to know about the causes of acne small that are often absent in the forehead and cheeks. Did you know that acne is causing losses in which the skin will appear rough. Not to mention the pain and itching that caused would interfere comfort sufferers.

Characteristics Small Acne-Small

As the name implies, it is smaller acne like blackheads or nearly resembling prickly heat. It was red and at the end of acne are small white spots, this is a pus which is the result of blockage of fat. Small pimple appeared in groups and tend to appear on the cheeks and forehead. In the phase of inflammation, acne will cause the pain if touched certain liquid acidic or alkaline levels are high. Hurt when touched, even for the majority of cases patients often experience itching on kilit around acne.

Causes of Acne-Small Small

The cause of acne is small generally the same as the causes common acne or cystic acne. What distinguishes it is only the size and level of inflammation as well as losses on the caused. The main cause of acne is a little excessive oil production in the sebaceous glands. Factors that influence could be because hormone unstable. Moreover caused because of stress and greasy food habits.

The cause of acne is small also in the causes for bacterial infections in collaboration with lemakdan dirt clogged in the pores. In this phase, the inflammation begins to occur.

In addition, the acne-causing small ones could be due to environmental factors and irritating chemicals from cosmetics. Dust, pollution and airborne dirt and stick to the face, while not immediately bsuh with soap, then it becomes the potential jerawat.Kosmetik such as powders and foundations that contain oil and chemical abahan, will easily irritate the skin if it is not in the clear.

That causes tiny pimples are common. Then how to prevent these small pimples? Here are tips on how to prevent acne small.

How To Overcome Acne-Small Small

Causes of Acne small've discussed previously. Thus, we will know how to handle it. Overcoming these small pimples do not need to spend money and time. Anyone can do it at home. Ranging from maintaining the cleanliness, put through treatment and improving diet and daily habits, is a simple and natural way to eradicate acne. Here is how to deal with acne:

1. Improving diet and lifestyle

Avoid junk food and high sugar foods. Replace some of the intake of vegetables, fruit. Do not forget to increase the consumption of water, because water is essential for moisturizing the skin while removing toxins and impurities through urine. Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and carbonated beverages that can trigger an immune decline and trigger the hormone ketiakstabilan particularly sebaceous glands.

2. Maintain Cleanliness and Conduct Perawatn Skin Routine

By washing the face in the normal frequency can certainly help reduce the buildup of dirt and bacteria. Natural ways such as wearing a mask of fruit and vegetables, or perform routine scrub with rice or coffee can help prevent and treat acne.

3. Avoid Stress

Stress is a trigger acne. Due to the psychological state that is not good, the hormone the body will be unstable. One of them happens to the sebaceous glands. These glands tend to over-productive to the oil, until finally not able in kelurkan by the body and clog pores which became the forerunner of acne.

Try to identify the causes of acne with small pieces that often appear on your face. Make tips override already explained above, if the acne appears. With such an acne problem will be solved more quickly.

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