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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Does Abortion was Danger? Please Read This Article!

25 Reason Why Abortion on Teen Was Danger

The word abortion is medically has meaning to eliminate the fetus along with the placenta from the uterus with sterile hospital procedures for interest based on health. For example due to miscarriage because the uterus is weak, then it should immediately get action in the form of abortion. But among ordinary Abortion word has a negative connotation in respect of seediness teens who deliberately do not want an abortion because the baby was born.

In general, abortion can be divided into two groups, namely:

Abortion provokatus criminalist - ie abortion done intentionally and not because of health reasons. Abortion is done out of necessity which is common in teenagers who become pregnant outside of marriage which is not usually done by a gynecologist official.
Abortion provokatus medisinalis - ie abortion done intentionally due to medical reasons. For example, pregnant women who suffer from severe heart disease, people with TB disease or acute asthma. Such conditions usually cause pregnant women could not continue her pregnancy and the doctor will take the road by means of abortion.
Abortion among adolescents is often interpreted as an abort fetuses and their placentas intentionally for various reasons related to immoral for example:

embarrassment of parents do not know
for unmarried
It was not ready to have children
Because pregnant outside marriage
Because the result of adultery
Pregnant because of rape and so on.
Terminate the pregnancy when the fetus is in a healthy state is very dangerous for the health of the uterus in the future. Abortion should only be done on the condition of pregnancy who have problems such as severe bleeding, premature or because the fetus can not grow as it should be due to exposure to the virus.

Danger abortion cause a variety of undesirable things such as:

1. Causes Infection of the uterus

When abortion is performed unsterilized will cause an infection and swelling of the uterus which can make the uterus in a state of severe inflammation and subsequent bleeding. If not promptly treated medically will cause damage to the uterus.

2. Cause Infertility

When abortion is done there will be injuries and bleeding on the ovaries and potentially lead to a buildup of blood in the flesh that lead to blockage of the ovaries. Fallopian closed will be difficult fertilization and subsequent pregnancy. Thus Infertility can not be avoided. (See also: the cause of infertility in men and women)

3. Cause Infection pelvis

Infection occurs because when abortion suppression and coercion so that the fetus can be removed immediately. Pelvic infection can spread to other tissues around the uterus resulting in the sintering of fibrous scar tissue and organ in the abdomen and cause pain and tenderness in the long term.

4. Exposed cervical cancer

Handling abortion because abortion procedures performed by people who are less skilled can cause damage to the cervix that will eventually lead to the emergence of cancer cells of the cervix. (See also: the dangers of abortion with drugs)

5. Affected ovary cancer

Abortions are not in accordance with the correct medical procedures cause parts ovary infection, inflammation and torn that if left unchecked will facilitate the entry of viruses and bacteria in the wound the wound and trigger the growth of cancer cells.

6. Affected liver cancer

Damage to the uterine tissue from abortion can lead to the emergence of cancer cells in the liver as a result of the propagation of bacteria in an infected uterus tissue toward the liver through the bloodstream.

7. Defects in subsequent births

Kerab abortion cause infection and inflammation of the area of ​​the cervix and uterus. This condition increases the baby will be born deformed or preterm in subsequent pregnancies, as previously had been the cause of complications resulting from abortion. (See also: the cause of fetal defects in the womb)

8. placental abnormalities

Placental abnormalities will experience when the second pregnancy, because the placenta will be attached above the uterus damaged by abortion. This leads to pregnancy will never happen or not normal.

9. To cause frequent miscarriage

Abortion kerab cause uterine infection ever damaged or become weak and sensitive. If there is a body fatigue tau lift things a little heavy, the fetus who was only 2 weeks will easily fall. The causes of miscarriage will occur in subsequent pregnancies.

10. Causing Damage to the cervix

Abortion can damage the cervix and facilitate the entry of bacteria that will make the infection. This will adversely affect the uterus that will be torn and cause chronic pain.

11. Rahim inflammation and infection due to torn

Rahim inflamed and had torn will cause severe bleeding. Platelets body will rapidly decline and weakened heart rate, can ultimately lead to death.

12. Causes of sudden death

Abortions were injured organs simultaneously womb will lead to infection and bleeding and cause excruciating pain in the uterus that cause sudden death due to shock.

13. Cause of death slowly

Abortion is not done with adequate health procedures, uterus and surrounding areas will experience abnormalities hormol malfunctions and other organs. Destructive inflammation caused by uterine bleeding will continue to lead to complications during the next few months and ends with death.

14. Deaths due to severe bleeding

Abortion is always at risk of severe hemorrhage, but if handled with a good procedure, the bleeding will be diatsai quickly. Severe bleeding will cause death because very minin red blood cells in the body can cause the heart to pump blood, it's possible that the amount is not sufficient.

15. Causes Infection of the reproductive organs

Abortion is not sterile can hurt reproductive tissues and can result in injuries become rotted and had fluid with bad odor. This condition triggers the arrival of bacteria that would aggravate the situation and cause pain that can be outside around the uterus and cervix.

16. Cause Anemia

Losing a lot of blood when the abortion process result in the loss of red blood cells and iron in the body, this condition causes severe anemia that makes the body very weak and easily fall ill.

17. Cause potbelly

Indiscriminate abortion will cause the stomach becomes distended like a pregnant two months, Penumpuka sanagt fat occurs quickly when abortion is performed digestive enzymes disturbed and can not perform activities destructed with normal food and grease.

18. The appearance of cellulite on the skin of the abdomen

Cause cellulite on the skin surface of the abdomen due to the effects resulting from changes in the hormone estrogen during pregnancy (before the aborted) and after the implementation of the abortion is complete state of cellulite even more obvious and clear due to hormonal changes following which still can not fully normal.

19. Causes of hair loss

Abortion can cause severe loss to the hair and will last several months, it is due to the hormone estrogen which is unbalanced and not yet fully normal.

20. endurance has decreased

When severe bleeding and infection occurs it will affect the performance of other organs. Lack of fluid in the body causes the immune system will continue to decline.

21. Exposed breast cancer

Production of the hormone estrogen during pregnancy increase the growth of breast tissue and is very sensitive. if the network is disrupted it will trigger the growth of cancer cells. But several studies in the United States still doubt this, but already many cases after abortion overgrown breast cancer cells. This issue is still in the research phase to prove the truth.

22. Experiencing Psychological disorders (depression)

Having an abortion is usually teenagers will experience the mind and mental stress because of feelings of guilt. This condition will continue for a few weeks and if left alone will be changed to stress and depression. Need the support of many parties to restore his confidence.

23. The body of fever and dehydration

Severe bleeding when the abortion took place causing the body kekurangah alminya water in the body and suffered from dehydration, her body shivering with body temperature will rise sharply. The body loses a sense of comfort because of the effects of the hormone estrogen which is trying to fight bacteria and painful inflammation.

24. Cause unconscious

Severe bleeding from abortion causes insulin levels and red blood cells in the body decreases and when inflammation and infection that causes excruciating pain, the body will lose balance will then lead to fainting.

25. Pain around the bladder and intestine

The pain due to damage to the cervix and the cervix can spread towards the bladder and intestinal tissue that causes pain in the long run.

Sterile abortion procedures and in accordance with medical regulations the hospital is able to reduce and even prevent the risk of post-abortion complications. Rahim is a reproduction that is very sensitive to things that are not sterile, it was time to choose a safe way if abortion should be performed.

Of increasing abortion among adolescents result of promiscuity that is supported by their ignorance of the risks of abortion to their health in the future. They need to know if the negative effects of having an abortion would still continue and the health of the uterus menpengaruhi them for the period in which they will later have more children of the marriage official.

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