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Thursday, March 2, 2017

5 Healty Jokes or Myths is Fact

As a kid, your mother probably never banned watching TV anywhere near as he could make eye is one of health joke, doubtful validity. Watching TV too close indeed make our eyes tired, but did not immediately make the eyes become damaged.
Even so, not all jokes must be refuted. There is also a myth that is true and good to do. What are the myths? Let's Yuk read!.

1. "Surprise Curing a hiccup"
Health myth is very popular even be used as jokes in cartoons or comedies. Perhaps because it is often used as a joke, many people who then actually doubt it. If there were recovered, be considered as incidental.

Hiccups occur when the diaphragm muscle and nerve control by the trapped nerve reflex arc. The nerve then sends back a signal to the diaphragm to contract, then we refer to as a hiccup. These signals trigger for contraction repeat continuously.

This condition is usually self-limiting. However, hiccups can be stopped if there are disturbing the repetition cycle, as surprised to gasp.

It turned out that these health myths there is some truth yes. So, get ready to help your friend hiccup. Surprise him!

2. "Never Eaten Bread whiteness Only"

The edge of a brownish white bread or crust of bread is not as soft as the middle part is white. Therefore when your mother told not to leave the bread skin, you definitely do a little cranky too. But guess what, it turns out your mother was indeed based commands.

Antioxidants useful for fighting cancer is apparently more than a crust of bread contained in the central part of the bread. Crusts able to encourage the formation of phase II enzymes were shown to help in the prevention and cure of cancer.

Apparently it's mother knows best ya. Let's not leaving the skin bread.

3. "Drinking Water Many Toxins In The Body For a whole"

Water company told that health education book load. Prompts drink plenty of water proved to be not a myth but a fact.

Although water does not directly neutralize toxins, but the kidneys use water to dispose of waste products and toxins in the body. If you drink enough water, the kidneys will work better.

The body is not getting enough water supply will not be efficient in removing toxins. As a result, the remnants of the toxins remain entrenched in the body. So, let's drink enough water.

4. "Do Not Use Your Spoon which You Use when You eat To Take Another Foods"

ne minor sins committed while eating is when you inadvertently use a spoon plate to take the grain side dish containers. When you intentionally or unintentionally do so, you should prepare for a long barrage from your parents. Pamali.

Do you think their fears exaggerated or it can be justified?

Scientists make interesting research on germs. One of the researchers bite the biscuit which he dipped into salsa, cheese dip, chocolate syrup, and water. For comparison, they also dip the biscuits that have not bitten into these materials.

They then measured the bacteria in the mouth dip dye and research volunteers. As a result, the average biscuits dipped three to six times after being bitten move about 10,000 bacteria and germs from the mouth to the dip dye volunteers.

It turned out that our parents are not excessive. Who wants to share germs, right?

5. "Olive Oil Can Lower Cholesterol"

If you are one of those who went along with the trend of replacing regular cooking oil with olive oil? If the answer is yes then you are lucky. Olive oil is very beneficial for health.

As with cholesterol, fat is also composed of several types. Some types of fat it is very useful to reduce the risk of heart disease. Both monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats is important for heart health.

Olive oil has monounsaturated fat levels are high, thus increasing the level of HDL cholesterol, or bad cholesterol, and lowering LDL cholesterol, or good cholesterol. So if you're happy to consume olive oil, continue!

Apparently, cliches are believed to be together sometimes indeed yes. If you are one who does not believe, that you can now re-think to change the habit. For those of you who've been following these myths, continue!

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