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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

13 Causes of Hair Loss You Always Do in Your Home

Basically, women in the world always want to look beautiful and perfect every time. Every detail is in his body never go unnoticed, one of which is hair. The Hair is the things that are important, especially for women. For women, hair is one part of the body that can support the appearance. It is therefore not surprising now a lot of beauty clinic which adds to His ministry for hair problems. Salat is one problem that is often complained most people is the loss. This issue enough attention, especially the women, therefore it is no wonder a lot of products that offer hair care shampoo for hair loss. Then, how to cope with hair loss?

13 Causes of Hair Loss

In the case of hair loss is not only among women but also experienced by men. Loss is still considered normal if the amount is less than 100 strands per day. So, make sure yes for you who have hair loss problems checked how severe kerontokannya. If it is still within the normal ranges there is no problem, but in contrast to the already severe. Usually for a woman although hair loss problem is still in reasonable category they are still not satisfied if the hair is still experiencing hair loss, according to them it can be a pretty big problem because it can create confidence is reduced. So that it does not happen no earlier should we know the causes of hair loss and hair loss how to cope with it.

1. Hormone Disorders

There are several hormones that can of cause of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia which hormones, hormone Dihydro testosterone (DHT), and Hormone Alopecia Areata. Hair loss can occur due to hormonal disorder androgenetic alopecia. This hormone is a cause of baldness is the most common, with a percentage of 70% in men and 40% in women. Baldness because this hormone is a hereditary disease caused by an increase in the genetic sensitivity of hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

As shown above, the pattern of hair loss for women starting from the middle of the hair to spread laterally. While the pattern of hair loss experienced by men starting from the hairline to move or shift went up, until finally bald only on the top of the head.

While Alopecia Areata hormone is a hormone disorder that mengakibtkan become bald hair. This hormone diakibatan by a disease called autonium. In this condition, generally occur in teenagers and young adults. However kerontokkan this kind will not be permanent, which means the hair will grow back after one year. There are several diseases that can cause alopecia areata such as diabetes, anemia, thyroid disease, vitiligo and persinius. Besides causing hair loss in women is usually at the time of entering the monopouse, pregnancy and the effects of the use of contraceptives.

2. Effect of Nutrition and Vitamins

The cause of severe hair loss can occur due to the effect of further nutrients and vitamins. The scalp is a place where hair growth and hair roots attached. So health should be maintained with adequate nutrition. Intake of nutrients and vitamins that are less easily cause hair to fall out. Hair loss occurs because the hair that grows thin and becomes easily fragile. Therefore, you should memerhatiakan balance in the foods you consume with attention to nutrition and vitamins important for hair loss problems can be overcome with good.

3. Use of Chemicals

Hair care too excessive and is provided with the use of chemicals to be one cause of hair loss that often occurs and is usually fatal. The use of hair coloring that is too often especially in excessive doses can lead to hair damage. Therefore, examine before coloring the hair. In addition to the chemicals used in the process of straightening hair (rebounding) is also not good for hair growth in the long term. Moreover, the process of hair habitation for 30 minutes while straightening hair exacerbated the loss that will be experienced by the hair.

4. massage is Head With Green Tea Blend & Celery

Before we begin this stage, you should Preparing such as:

  1. Clean small towel 1 piece.
  2. Mentium and lemon soaked with warm water.
  3. Green tea and brewed Celery leaves
  4. When ready all, the first thing you do to cope with hair loss is to take the first small clean towel was then soak a towel in warm water containing mentium and lemon for 2-5 minutes. Furthermore wring the towel and close to using a towel wrung last for approximately 10 minutes.

While waiting for the water to absorb into the skin of the head, you can do some activities that make you more relaxed such as yoga or listening to classical music or breathe in slowly and repeatedly. Make your mind and body at ease. This can prevent the strees on yourself. After 10 minutes, green tea and selendri drops gradually to the scalp, you can massage your scalp so that the droplets absorb into the scalp. Finally rinse your hair thoroughly until there is no oil left on your scalp and hair.

5. Mango, Yoghurt and Egg Yolk

How to cope with other hair loss with mango, yoghurt and egg yolk. First prepare a few pieces of mango and 1 tablespoon yogurt and 2 egg yolks. Blend until smooth and creamy after the filter coarse fibers are still there. You only need a delicate fibers to rub kerambut your loss. If it is separated, apply a mask mango, yoghurt and egg yolk to your head evenly. Give a little massage on the head. Diamka for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

6. Oil Kemiri

Hazelnut oil use for hair loss is not new, since antiquity hazelnut been used to help nourish the hair. On hazelnut seeds containing 60-66% oil. Oil is utilized to cope with hair loss in antiquity to the present. But at present, we do not need anymore complicated to obtain hazelnut oil as before. Now we are very easy to get walnut oil in the shops around herbal medicine around our homes.

Its use is not difficult for you just a few drops of hazelnut oil ketelapak hand, selanjutkan wipe the entire hair until the hair roots evenly. And let stand about 1-2 hours while providing scalp massage gently. After that, clean the hair (shampoo) to clean with shampoo.

7. Aloe Vera

Plant this one is not foreign to our ears. Aloe vera has been very popular once the benefits to cope with hair loss. Its way is very easy. You simply take one piece of aloe vera and use the inside or the meat and rub aloe vera on the hair until evenly distributed. Leave for about 15-25 minutes and then you can clean the hair with a shampoo with clean water. At the time of shampooing is advisable to use flowing water.

8. Juice Chips

Potatoes can help nourish the hair very quickly. To get the benefits we just need to make it into juice. After that you can directly apply on hair as a mask. For maximum results you can add honey and egg white then in a blender until well blended. After that, allow about 30-60 minutes then rinse thoroughly. In addition to being one way to cope with hair loss, the potato juice can also be used to cope with dry hair and gray.

9. Garlic

In addition to preventing hair loss, garlic is also able to cope with hair that had already fallen out because it was believed to stop hair loss either severe though. The content of the antibacterial contained in garlic is what serves to destroy parasites and to treat infections of the head. How to use pieces grab some garlic cloves and puree, you can add a few drops of oil ziatun then wipe the hair until evenly distributed. Let stand about 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. In addition to the sulfur content of garlic is also capable of improving blood circulation to the hair follicles. For maximum results do this daily habit before shampooing.

10. Shallots

In addition to garlic, onions also contain high sulfur so it is that makes garlic as a natural remedy for hair loss. How the application was not difficult even almost the same with the garlic, red onion puree you live like juice and apply on the hair until blended. After 30 minutes you can rinse use shampoo to slightly reduce the odor generated by this onion.

11. Santan

In addition to hair shines the coconut milk is also able to cope with hair loss. How users simply need Preparing a glass or can be adjusted to the thickness of your hair. Then apply throughout the surface of the hair to the scalp until evenly distributed. After 30 minutes you can simply rinse with shampoo and water. After using coconut milk, the results of which can be directly dirasaan is your hair will feel slippery and cheap set and sparkling. For maximum results use this milk at least 2 times a week.

12. Ginger

In addition to providing the benefits of the body turns warm ginger can also be used for the fertility of our hair. The content Zingeron on ginger is able to help to cope with hair loss. To be able to utilize this plant is not too difficult. It is very easy, prepare a segment ginger then cleaned and peeled after the clean grated ginger and apply grated ginger hair gets the loss. Let stand about 20 minutes so that ginger stimulates the hair cells. After 20 minutes wash the hair with shampoo and clean water.

13. Lime

Orange juice contains vitamin C which is good for healthy hair, than to be able to overcome dandruff. Orange juice is also able to cope with hair loss problems. Penggunannya too easy, you just cut the lemon into pieces and then rubbing lemon slices into the hair. After 15 minutes rinse hair wash to clean.

14. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of aromatherapy oil has many benefits for the body and hair. Lavender oil can relieve itching on the scalp and dandruff. Lavender oil has a very strong antiseptic which serves as a disinfectant for our scalp. To get the benefits of lavender oil as a hair loss remedy is by way of meteteskan about 10 drops of lavender oil, you can also add essential oils such as olive oil into it and rub into the scalp until evenly distributed. Let stand for 20 minutes then berishkan hair.

15. Healthy Lifestyle

Did you, a healthy body have an impact on your hair. If your body healthy your hair may look more beautiful and healthy too. What's the point above routine care without regard to a healthy lifestyle. It helps you begin to maintain a healthy lifestyle by means of light exercise, consumption of foods high nutritious and rich in protein.

Did you know that hair is made of protein? Quoted from, "Now we have a signal protein that can support the microenvironment for hair development, and maybe even a new hair growth," said lead researcher Jing Gao MD. Therefore, eating vegetables and fruits every day is very good. Especially vegetables or fruits that contain vitamin B, iron, and zinc Kalsum good for the health of your hair. And do not forget to drink enough water.

Okay, there it is some explanation of the causes of hair loss and how to overcome them. May be useful for you who read.

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