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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Truth About Healty Eating And Diet

For the sake of losing weight is up to 82 kg, Eka Yunianti (28) trying to find the right way to change his diet. Now she managed to lose weight as much as 18 kg in 5 months.

Yes, now women with height 163 cm become more confident with the weight of 64 kg. Diets were selected Eka is a low-carbohydrate diet. Eka experience following weight loss with diet and exercise, as written Healt And Beauty on Tuesday (02/28/2017).

I choose to live a low carb diet for about five months. During that time I try to limit foods that contain lots of carbohydrates such as rice, bread, pastries, chocolate and drinks with artificial sweeteners.

Every morning I eat fruit such as apples, papaya, pear, dragon fruit, any fruit ata with a glass of green tea. If you're no green tea, can really be replaced with low-fat milk or low fat.

For the afternoon, I ate as usual with side dishes and vegetables. Then I also snacking on fruit again. If the late afternoon I was hungry, I usually eat vegetables such as capcay or vegetable soup, or fruit juice.

My exercise routine do is at least 3 hours a week. Initially I like a brisk walk in the morning, over time I got used to run quietly without roads at least 2 km.

With this method I have not felt 'tortured' I can still eat well during these foods do not contain a lot of carbohydrates as starchy. Within a week I also get used to a cheating day, where I could eat carb menu like pastries but still with little capacity.

At first it was hard because I used to eat rice, but with the emphasis on eating fruits and vegetables automatically mindset us a long time will get used. The bottom line with the intention of truly Hopefully the result will be perfect.

Say no to Tastings, because I think the tasters tasters temptation to eat with a portion of a lot will be even greater. Good luck yes, remain confident and continue the spirit.

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