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Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Five- Skincare Must haves:

17 February 2017

My 5 must have skincare products are;

Cleanser- to clean the skin and remove makeup.

Toner - hydrates the skin and prepares the skin for better absorption of the products to follow.

Serum - helps penetrate the top of the skin to nourish and protect the skin cells. Tightens and firms the skin at a cellular level. (MUST HAVE!!)

Eye cream - helps to hydrate the delicate eye area. This skin is so thin and ages the quickest. Using a separate eye product will help care for the thin ageing skin.

Moisturizer - I like to use a separate day and night moisturizer because my skin is so dry. Its important there is an SPF in your day moisturizer.

These are the brands I am currently using. I work in a professional skin clinic with lots of amazing active skin care brands. The cleanser and toner are from BEAU CAIRE, Phloretin antioxidant serum is from SKIN CEUTICALS and my current eye cream and day cream are from THE AVST LINE BY ENVIRON. My spf is in my make-up.

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