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Friday, March 18, 2016

CROWN BRUSH - Makeup brushes, Concealer kit and Eyeshadow palette:

Hey lovelies, 


I went on a little spree in Hennesys hair and beauty supply when I was home in Cork, a couple of weeks ago. I'm not that much into make-up like I am with skincare. I have the basics but I don't usually spend alot of time doing my make-up. I do make an effort with it when I am going out on a night out or an event etc, but on a day to day basis I keep my make up pretty basic and natural. I'm a bit clueless with eye shadow and I hardly ever wear it- so that is going to change now that I have this amazing palette!
I used to own like 4 or 5 make-up brushes, and I robbed my sisters urban decay naked eyeshadow palette years back. But, I have come up in the world now, and I feel like a right MUA with all my new stuff. Here is what I got... 

I use the foundation, powder, and bronzer brushes everyday. I must get a bit more familiar with the other brushes... 
Iv been using the concealer kit as contour aswel. I don't contour all the time, just when I am going out on a night out. Im using the 1st or 2nd colour most days under my eyes to cover my dark circles and I love it.

I'm obsessed with all the colours in the eye-shadow kit, its a shame I don't use it more! I'm a bit clueless and I actually hardly ever where eye-shadow, but that is going to change now. I must start experimenting. I like to keep my make-up natural, not OTT.

I'm really happy with what I got in there, they had lots of different kits available.
The Concealer kit was 18euro
The eyeshadow kit was around 20euro
The Brush kit was 50 euro

I had been looking around for sets like these for awhile and they can be quite expensive, I thought these were a good price and I have heard positive feedback on all of their things.

Crown brush HERE
Hennesys HERE

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Have a great weekend.

Lots of Love,


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