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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Image Skincare Review

''If you're thinking like everyone else, then you aren't thinking''

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Hey Lovelies, 
I just wanted to tell you my honest opinion about these Image moisturisers I have being using over the past few months.
I bought my first two products from Image back in September.
A Moisturiser for day time with an SPF 30 and another Moisturiser repair cream with antioxidants and vitamins a,c,e which I kept for night time.
Daily Hydrating moisturizer SPF30 & Vital C hydrating repair Crème:

  • A little bit goes a long way with these products. You do not need much.
  • They both have really good active ingredient list with antioxidants vitamins and hydrating benefits.
  • The day cream has great protection with spf30 so it is suitable for all year round.
·        The day cream is good for those with normal-to combination skin types and even breakouts because the zinc oxide can help heal the skin along with protecting it.

·        They are both good value for money if they suit your skin type (always try before you buy). I still have half a bottle left of the day cream and I purchased it 5 months ago, I have used it everyday for at least 4 of those months. The vital C cream is just finished which I used as a night cream for 5 months.

  • Although they have hydrating ingredients, they weren’t hydrating enough for my very dry skin, so I actually stopped using the day cream after 4 months as I didn’t see a huge improvement in the hydration of my skin. I had to start to use the vital C cream in the am as well as in the pm because my skin was still very dry. And even that didn’t make a HUGE difference to my skin.
  • They would be better for a dry to very dry skin type like mine in the summer time.
  • My skin was left a little shiny and oily after using the Day cream with spf so I didn't love that about it.
  • They both had a little too much fragrance for my sensitive skin, (they don’t have a lot, but what they did have was too much for ME) my skin was a little itchy after the first use.
·        They aren't the most affordable moisturisers- Day cream with spf30 €40 & Vital C €70

I wouldn't rush back to buy these 2 moisturisers again, but that wont stop me from trying more of their range.What I did try and love from them was the Stem Cell Cleanser, Serum and Exfoliating Face mask. I got these as testers when I bought them back in September and I really loved how they felt on my skin.

Always try outthe products you’re interested in or have been recommended before you buy them.

The most expensive product isn't always the BEST.

Everyone’s skin type is Different.

Lots of  Love

‘Cleanse Tone Moisturise Repeat’

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