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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Rambutan is Good for Women Pregnancy

Rambutan is Good for Women Pregnancy

What are the Health Benefits of Rambutan Fruits For Women Pregnant (During Pregnancy )

What is Rambutan Fruit ?

The rambutan is a medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae. The name also refers to the fruit produced by this tree. The rambutan is native to Philippines, Malaysia and other regions of tropical Southeast Asia. It is closely related to several other edible tropical fruits including the lychee, longan, and mamoncillo.

The name 'rambutan' is derived from the Malay language word for rambut or "hair", a reference to the numerous hairy protuberances of the fruit, together with the noun-building suffix -an. In Vietnam, it is called chôm chôm (meaning "messy hair") due to the spines covering the fruit's skin.

Rambutan is native to tropical Southeast Asia and commonly grown throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. It has spread from there to various parts of Asia, Africa, Oceania and Central America.

Although its precise natural distribution is unknown, it is thought to have originated on the Malay peninsula. The earliest historical record of rambutan trees show that they were cultivated by the Malayan jungle tribes around their temporary settlements, a practice followed to date. The widest variety of cultivars, wild and cultivated, are still found in Malaysia.

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10 Reason Why you Need a Rambutan During Pregnancy

Rambutan fruits are healthy foods that can replace all forms of light snack for pregnant women. Rambutan can actually be used ranging from fruit, bark, leaves and bark, but for pregnant women is best to eat fruit only to avoid bacteria are sometimes still lagging behind in the skin or leaves despite being cleaned using water. Here are some benefits rambutan for pregnant women:

1. Adequate Pregnancy Calorie Needs
2. Meet the Needs of Fiber for Pregnant Women
3. Fruit Rambutan Macronutrients Containing Good.
4. The content of Vitamin Extraordinary For Pregnant Women
5. Benefits of Fruit Rambutan for Pregnancy Due Mineral Content
6. Helps Eliminate Free Radicals
7. Increase Energy
8. Preventing Diabetes
9. Prevent Hypertension.
10. avoid the growth of parasites in the intestine

As discussed earlier, that this rambutan fruit has many nutrients and one of which is iron. Iron will help to control the oxygen levels in the body. It also will prevent dizziness or fatigue due to anemia. Meanwhile, the content of phosphorus in the rambutan fruit is also useful to filter out impurities in the kidneys and helps repair tissue damaged or cell body.

Rambutan fruit beneficial for a healthy digestive system, so that pregnant women would avoid the problem of bowel movements, diarrhea, constipation and prevent the risk of colon cancer. Other content in fruit rambutan that vitamin E will help prevent acne, premature aging, skin itching and dull during pregnancy.

Besides it, this fruit will also help to lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, and prevent swelling of the hands and feet due to lack of smooth blood circulation during pregnancy.

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