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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Night Time Skin Care Routine.

‘’The best cosmetic of all is great looking skin’’

Good evening all!

In a follow up to my AM skin care routine, which you can read here. Tonight is all about getting you into a good night time routine.

Ill keep it short and sweet because lets just be honest some of you would probably prefer to jump into bed and use a make-up wipe on your face.. (my heart sinks…)

But, I’m afraid if you want good skin, your going to have to ditch those filthy wipes.
Especially if you have skin concerns- those wipes do you zero favours.

Our skin regenerates as we sleep so what you do and apply to the skin really makes a difference to it. I promise it won’t take longer than 4 minutes…

Whether you have been wearing make-up or not, you should cleanse you’re skin before bed. Excess sebum (oil), dead skin cells, and pollution have all been enjoying sitting on your skin. Removing this build up helps the skin to be able to breathe again.

Apply cleanser to face with damp hands and massage into skin to really work the product into the skin. This increases the circulation of the skin.

Cleanse x2 if you have been wearing make-up.

Using a toner after cleansing your skin will help to balance out the Ph of the skin. While also removing any excess cleanser left on the skin.

Apply a gel or a cream under the eye area for hydration.
Read more here about eye-care.

The Preventer.. Serums are a godsend. They have smaller molecules than moisturisers and lotions, so they can penetrate deeper into the skin. Cells are more protected when a serum is used, resulting in healthier more alive looking skin.

Use a different cream in the night than you did during the day. Night creams are usually a little heavier and work better into the skin while it is sleeping (rejuvenating).

There is no point justapplying moisturiser to your skin in the PM if it hasn’t been cleansed- therefore the cream is just sitting on top of dead skin, not being able to do its function (hydrate cells) and your wasting your moisturiser.

And there you haven it your ready for bed!

By just spending a few minutes in the evening doing the above your skin will really be able to work to its full potential.

And, NEVER sleep with make-up on. Make-up seeps down and clogs the pores- making pores seem larger and, can cause inflammation to the skin.

Have a cup of Chamomile tea and Slaap lekker (Sleep Well) 

Lots of   Love



‘Cleanse Tone Moisturise Repeat’

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