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Friday, November 27, 2015

Tapeworm Symptoms: What Is A Tapeworm?

What is a tapeworm?

A tapeworm is a flat worm that sometimes sits in the intestines of humans or animals. You get a tapeworm if you do not eat well-cooked meat or fish with tiny ribbon worms in it. In your intestines, the tapeworm grows.

A tapeworm usually causes few symptoms. You can find white-yellow pieces of the beef tapeworm in your stool. Some people suffer from abdominal pain. It is a misconception that people with tapeworm lose much weight.

Tapeworm Symptoms: What Is A Tapeworm?

To make sure that you have a tapeworm, let your doctor examine your stool in a lab. Usually one treatment is enough to kill the worm. Sometimes the head remains seated and grows again to the worm. Then you get a cure.

The ribbon worms in meat and fish will die if you fish and meat cooks or bakes well. If so will prevent you from getting a tapeworm.

In developing countries, people get regular eggs of the tapeworm inside. This is called bladder worms. Blow Worm Infection gives more problems than the worm itself. The eggs hatch larvae namely that sit in muscles and organs.

What are the symptoms of a tapeworm?

Tapeworm Symptoms: What Is A Tapeworm

Tapeworms give almost never complaints. Some people suffer from abdominal pain (especially in the upper abdomen) or diarrhea. Very occasionally causes a tapeworm weight loss. Yet it is a misconception that anyone with a tapeworm through thin. People with a beef tapeworm often find broken pieces of the worm back in their stool or underwear. They are whitish-yellow bits of one to three centimeters long. The pieces tend to feel good when they spontaneously through the anus come out. They may also cause itching of the anus.

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