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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ingrown Toenail Treatment: Surgery - What Is An Ingrown oenail?

What is an ingrown toenail?

In an ingrown toenail is the upper edge or side edge of the nail has grown into the skin. The skin becomes irritated or inflamed. This hurts. Usually it is the nail of the big toe that has spread.

Whereby a toenail grows into is not clear. It is certain that the cut angles of the nail too short plays a role. It may also be that you are wearing shoes that are too tight. Others are due to the construction of the toe itself. If the toe tilted, then press the nail edge when walking too much in the skin.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment: Surgery - What Is An Ingrown oenail?

How to treat an ingrown toenail?

The treatment of an ingrown toenail depends on how far the nail ingrowth.
  1. If the ingrown nail but a little? Then the doctor inserts a cotton ball under your cuticle. The cuticle is thus somewhat higher.
  2. The ingrown nail is bad? Then the doctor makes the nail narrower. During an operation, they cut or cuts off a part of the nail or nail root away. After this surgery, you probably have a few days of pain. The pain help mild painkillers, such as paracetamol. Also, you can uphold your feet. This relieves the pain as well. After two to five days, you can walk normally again.

Ingrown toenail surgery

Is your ingrown toenail mind and you have pain or inflammation? Then the doctor makes the nail narrower. This can be done in the following ways:
  1. The doctor cuts the nail edge away. Later, the nail grows back. Is heal the inflammation, the doctor inserts a cotton ball under the nail edge. This prevents the nail grow into again.
  2. The doctor can make the nail even permanently smaller. In addition to the nail edge, therefore, it makes the root of the nail narrower. That bit root of the nail, it can cut or scratch, or removed with an etching fluid (phenol).
  3. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the whole or half-nail.
The surgery is done with local anesthesia. You get two anesthetic poke your toe.
Your doctor will discuss with you which treatment is best for you.

From the wound is still a few weeks of fluids, especially if the toe was inflamed considerably. This will stop by itself.

Complications in surgery of an ingrown toenail

In an operation of an ingrown toenail, the risk of complications is small. Secondary bleeding and infections are rare.
After a treatment with an etching liquid, the toe may be red for a while. This will pass.

With surgery, you are not Get rid of the ingrown nail. Over time, the nail may re-namely ingrown.

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