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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Herpes Simplex Treatment - What Is Herpes Simplex?

What is herpes simplex?

Sometimes it creates an inflammation of the eye by the herpes simplex virus type 1. This type of virus is also the cause of the cold sore.

When an eye infection by the herpes simplex virus usually becomes inflamed the cornea. The cornea is the anterior, transparent portion of the eye. The eye becomes red, irritated and sensitive to light.
The inflammation usually occurs only in one eye.

In some people, the infection penetrates deeper into the cornea. This may cause an inflammation within the eye. Also, in such scars out onto the cornea there. Therefore going to see worse.
Furthermore there sometimes chronic ulcers on the cornea. This cure is very difficult.

After infection, the virus comes to rest, but it remains in the body. If the defense is not so good, the virus becomes active again. It may cause an eye infection again.

The treatment of an eye infection by herpes simplex depends on its severity. Many people get eye drops or ointment. In some people, the ophthalmologist scraped off the surface of the cornea in order to remove such a portion of the virus.

Herpes Simplex Treatment | What Is Herpes Simplex

How does the doctor determines that you have a herpes simplex eye infection?

If you have a sore eye? Then the ophthalmologist will examine what is the cause. They will ask you what symptoms you exactly. Reject these complaints on a herpes infection? Then it examines the eye with a special dye. Then she shines with a blue light in your eye. A herpes infection is to see.

Treatment of herpes simplex eye infection

Most people with herpes simplex eye infection given eye drops or ointment.
In some people, this helps not enough. The ophthalmologist can then scrape off a layer of the cornea in order to reduce the amount of virus particles.

The virus enters the body's immune system into action. For some people that immune response so intense that the cornea will further damage. They will receive corticosteroids to inhibit the immune response.

You have severe scarring on your cornea or your eyesight really affected? Then perhaps a cornea transplant possible. However, there is a risk that the virus also affects your new cornea. Therefore guard allows the ophthalmologist to you for a long time no herpes simplex infection have had more.

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