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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mud Bath

The mud bath is referred to by both humans and animals experienced as beneficial for the skin. Instead of the skin to wash with water, the body is immersed in mud or wound. Although animals use the mud bath especially parasites of and to expel from the skin and if some protection against the Sun, the man used especially for the benefit of the general health or beauty effect. One can then think of healing properties for skin problems, rheumatism and osteoarthritis. Because of the heat That must mud baths and the soothing rituals around these pools, she is ook relaxing and stress reducing and Promotes the overall well-being.

History and occurrence

Mud baths are known for thousands of years. Multiple cultures traditionally baths with mud baths.

Mud Bath

There are many types of mud baths and mud can be very diverse in composition.

  • Types of mud around the Black Sea are full of minerals, vitamins and antibiotics.
  • The black mud from the Dead Sea, also known as peliod is an alluvial mixture with organic residues, minerals and salts.
  • In volcanic areas, use is made of mud from the volcanic mud pots.
  • Also, there may be a mixture of mineral water and volcanic ash to be composed. As used in the spas of Napa Valley in California and Miami Beach, Florida in the United States.
  • From peat soil can also be a kind of pulp. Although it is taken here than strictly not about mud, but an organic mixture.
  • Wetlands like our flats.

To mud baths are attributed many beneficial or cosmetic effects. It would slow down the aging process of the skin by the minerals present. The hygroscopic effect that affects the moisture so that the skin cells are firmer and smoother skin. The heat is also beneficial for blood circulation and gives a feeling of well-muscular pains and rheumatism. Mud has to retain the property of heat for a long. This can result during bathing hardly cooling takes place.

The warmth of mud ensures good blood circulation of the skin and muscles. Through the sweat reaction wastes will be disposed of through the skin. Curative properties of the mud on the skin are especially in respect of psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Because of the resistance movement and the weight of the hot mud in a full bath on the body, these baths for people with heart disease are not recommended. Often mud also be applied as a gasket on the skin, which can make it less stressful.

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