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Friday, March 6, 2015

HELLP Syndrome Symptoms And Treatment

What is hellp syndrome?

HELLP syndrome is a complication that can occur in (human) pregnancy. HELLP is an acronym of hemolysis Elevated Liver enzymes and Low Platelets (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelets). This represents a breakdown of red blood cells, hepatic dysfunction and a low platelet count.


HELLP is a pregnancy complication that usually only after the 22-24th week of pregnancy arises. In some cases, a pre-eclampsia about in HELLP in other cases arises HELLP suddenly from a healthy pregnancy. The critical period is up to 48 hours after delivery. Thirty percent of the HELLP patients get the condition only in childbirth, usually in the first 2 but sometimes even up to 8 days after delivery. The condition is estimated at about 1 in 300 for pregnancies; relatively more often in women who have a first child expect or get next child with another man. HELLP is only through blood tests to determine.

Hellp syndrome symptoms

The symptoms that occur are the same symptoms as in the occurrence of pre-eclampsia (NB: In parenthesis, the rate of occurrence of the symptom in the HELLP syndrome):

  • elevated diastolic blood pressure (70%);
  • nausea and / or vomiting (50-85%);
  • band-painful sensation in the upper abdomen at the level of the liver (85-95%);
  • headache (50%);
  • moisture retention in the form of peripheral edema (55-65%);
  • protein excretion in the urine (85-95%) and
  • tingling fingers.

Diagnosis HELLP syndrome

The diagnosis can only be set by means of laboratory tests. Therefore, even in occurrence of the above symptoms blood test is necessary in order to determine whether there is a pre-eclampsia occurs with a complicating HELLP. Furthermore, it is important to reduce the severity, which are often associated with the severity of the blood disorders, to estimate of HELLP syndrome.

  • hemoglobin
  • liver enzymes
  • renal function and
  • clotting assay

Hellp syndrome treatment

HELLP Syndrome

On suspicion of HELLP syndrome is a hospitalization indicated because the condition for both mother and child is potentially life threatening.

  • Initially, bed rest will be prescribed. Bed rest allows the blood pressure does not decrease but ensures that all energy baby benefits. Even the woman's body comes to rest.
  • Medication which keeps under control the blood pressure is necessary.
  • Often it will be necessary to allow the child to be born earlier, by means of a C-section or by a primer. This is necessary because the placenta is responsible for the creation of the HELLP syndrome. There is no medicine or diet that can improve the HELLP syndrome or may occur. Giving birth is the only solution to end the syndrome.


Sometimes a child dies. Sometimes a woman dies in childbirth. In the Netherlands the mortality in childbirth 4 100,000 in labor and 75% of deaths in childbirth caused by pre-eclampsia or HELLP.


Aftercare is important. Both HELLP as preeclampsia have a huge impact on a woman's life, her partner and other children. The complaints, bed rest and a premature birth and sometimes the loss of a child let them deep impression. Physical symptoms after childbirth incurred as a result of HELLP remain long in the majority of cases one year after childbirth. Psychological symptoms can continue much longer. Contact with peers gives recognition and can help in the processing of events.

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