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Monday, September 15, 2014

YES, you need to use TONER!

Ahh... The skin care bit that everyone skips... Not anymore. Toner is not as expensive as the rest of your skin care products, so read along and find out the benefits...

Why you should use toner;
Your toner will 1.remove excess residue from your skin after cleansing. It will 2.close the pores, leaving your skin ready for the next step. Either serum (for anti ageing) or moisturiser.

Particularly good for 1.blemished skin, 2.oily skin and 3.clogged pores. 

How to use:
After cleansing
Apply toner to damp cotton and wipe across face and decollate
Pat dry.

TRY this DIY toner; all you need is MINT Leaves.

Take a handful of mint leaves.
Wash and Put in bottle or jar
Pour 1.5 litres of hot water over
Strain the mixture.
Leave over night.
Use as normal toner.
(Use within 4-5days.)

Benefits of mint: naturally mint leaves contain a sufficient amount salicylic acid Which helps 1.clear away dead skin cells, 2.treats acne and oily prone skin,3.Reduces the sebum(oil) production.
Easy peasy! And you WILL see a difference.

Remember, its not always what you do that counts. Its how you do it. So spend time doing your skin care routine. Its later in the years that you will see the big difference. 

Here are my 2 buys of today.

My skin has become SO oily its crazy, my pores are blocked and iv huge blackheads everywhere.
I went on a mission today to find something to help..something inexpensive (as I'm living the life of the unemployed for now)

1. Quick fix mud mask-
Mud and clay  mask's improve skin tone without irritation or dryness.
This mask has 3 main ingredients all to fight over production of oil. Dead sea mud. Salicylic acid. And Tea Tree Oil.

Using this mask x2 until you feel the difference will help draw out impurities in the skin.
Leave for 10-15mins and remove with hot water.

Quick tip:
If your only oily on your T Zone area (forehead,nose,chin) then just apply Mud/Clay mask to those areas. 
Also you can leave on over night to targeted areas such as spots.

2. Witch hazel toner.
 T.N Dickinson's, All Natural witch hazel.
Extracts of the witch hazel plant help smooth pores, helping to make skin look fresh and clear.
Use after cleansing,on dry skin. Apply with damp cotton.

Happy toning y'all...

& thanks for reading xxxx


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