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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RAW JUICE of the day #GoGreen

I heard so much about this 'Rocket Man' going to the local markets around Cork in his van, making apparently gorgeous healthy salads and juices. And then I heard he opened up shop in the city centre.

For the life of me today I could not remember the street that I was told it was on. But now I  know, Princes Street.

I went in today for the first time and got a really yummy Raw Green Juice with Spinach, Kale, Cucumber and Celery. There were no bits it was delicious, I wish I got a bigger size! I was eyeing up all the salads there aswel which are made infront of you to your choice. Sooo healthy and very reasonable. A Salad starting at just €5  (im sure they probably vary with size) My juice was €4 and it was just so easy and quick to grab on my way around town doing my jobs. Its mostly a takeaway bar, but there is a bench just outside.

Juice on the go!!!

I love seeing places like this around :-)

Id defo recommend anyone working in town or anyone passing by the street to pop in and try it. Iv yet to try the salads (Im going to try 1 tomorrow!) Ill post up what was in it...

Also some great Ideas that you can do and whip up yourself at home. 
But when rushing around and busy at work, or in town. Its a great healthy option!!

Green Juice Benefits;

Try one!! :)

Katie xx


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